Handlr Feature Highlight - Instant Payments (No More Invoicing!)

This week, in the Handlr Feature Highlight series, we’ll dive into Instant Payments and how this simple feature can make life much easier for you, your staff and your customers. To learn more about how you can automate your customers payments, read on below!

When you start a business, getting paid seems like the easy part, right? Provide the service or sell the product and cha-ching! Money in your pocket. Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t quite work that way. You soon realize that chasing down checks from customers, dealing with refunds  and wasting a lot of time at the bank each week is a harsh reality of service businesses. How often do you have to call a customer and ask them for payment? How many hours a week do you spend chasing down checks? How many times has a payment “slipped through the cracks” costing your business money? What if there was a better way?



 The Handlr automated payments system means you'll get paid on-time, every time - instantly. As soon as you or a team member check out of the service, your customer will receive a receipt, check-out notification and their card will be charged instantly - no more chasing checks. Need to refund a customer? Maybe you just want to check out all of their past payments? Handlr makes it simply and quick to do so. Customer profiles on the Handlr dashboard contain all payment history and refunds can be applied with just two clicks. Customers add their credit cards to their own Handlr profile using the customer app, or you can add a card for them via the dashboard. Handlr even gives you the option to pre-charge customers up front for services, allowing customers to book package deals or week long appointments. Customers love that they no longer have to write checks for each service, and they don’t even have to be present to pay you! In fact, once they book the service, their part is done - they can rest assured that you’ll be paid on time. Credit card charges are processed on Sunday each week via batch processing, saving you big bucks on transaction fees. With Handlr, your companies invoicing becomes an automated, efficient system that saves you and your customers both time and money.

To learn more about how Handlr can help your business become automated, contact us at: hello@myhandlr.com or schedule a demo here.

Handlr Feature Highlight - Customer and Team Apps

This week, in the Handlr Feature Highlight series, we’ll cover the Handlr team and customer apps. To learn more about how you can give your customers and staff the tools they really want read below!

Handlr provides powerful apps for your clients and staff alike to bring your business into the modern era. Easy to use apps for IOS and Android allow your staff and customers to stay connected and access their appointments instantly. 

Trust us; your customers love their smartphones, and they use them for everything. Today alone they’ll check emails, messages, browse the web, social media and book things like restaurant reservations and movie tickets, all with a few taps. Why not bring your business to their fingertips? Sign up for Handlr and your customer can see your open availability and request times they don’t see, all from their smartphones. They’ll get updates on their appointment status, receive chats, check-in/out notifications and even GPS track your staff. They’ll store a credit card on the app and pay you instantly on check-out. No more sending staff to collect checks. They’ll love how easy it is to interact with you and your staff and the peace of mind they get from knowing exactly when and where their appointment starts. They can leave reviews after each service and even provide you with notes about their home, pet or child. All of this is available to Handlr customers, simply by downloading the Handlr app and booking with your business. Give clients the same technology as the big guys, without the cost of building it yourself.

Give your customers the power they want with the Handlr app - the ability to book an appointment with just a few taps. Automated payments, access to your availability, request un-open times, GPS tracking, 3-way chat, instant updates, photos and much more. The Handlr app is the technology your customers crave, saving them time and giving your business the edge over competition.


The free Handlr Team app lets your team members know exactly where they're supposed to be throughout the day. With instant updates, notifications, GPS directions, chat and check-in/out. Your staff will become more efficient than you ever thought possible. The schedule tool keeps them updated as things change throughout the day. If a new appointment is booked, edited or cancelled, they’ll be updated on the-fly and in the field as to changes in their schedule. As they check in and out of each job, you’ll also be notified letting you track their progress and always be sure that they made it to their appointment and finished on time. Staff can quickly send photos or updates to customers via the chat system, and you’ll always be included in the conversation. This gives clients a constant peace of mind even if they’re out of town. Give your team the tools they need to conquer your town and provide the best possible experience to your customers with Handlr.

To learn more about how Handlr can help your business feel free to contact us at hello@myhandlr.com or schedule a demo here.

Handlr Feature Highlight - Automated Scheduling and Requests


    For the coming weeks on the Handlr Blog we’ve decided to explore each of our unique features in-depth to bring you an understanding of the power Handlr can bring to your business. Each blog post will highlight one of our incredible tools and how it can better your brand. This week, we’ll cover the Handlr automated scheduling and requests system. To learn more about how you can let your schedule run itself, read on below!

    As a service business, managing your schedule can be challenging enough, but without the proper tools, it can be unbearable. If your customers call or email you every time they need to book an appointment, have a question about your schedule or need to make a cancellation, we know your pain. Managing your schedule based on phone tag and back-and-forth emails is not only difficult but extremely inefficient. Manually creating your schedule each day by phone and emails gets pretty hard to manage when your business is expanding, and before the day is over you have hundreds of booking requests in your inbox, texts, voicemails and other channels of communications. With Handlr, you’ll never waste time scheduling again. Set-it and forget-it availability is one of Handlr’s best features, allowing you and your staff to create open spots for clients to book using the customer app, or fill them yourselves using the management dashboard. This easy-to-use scheduling tool lets you customize everything from what times and dates each staff member is available for, to which services and zip codes they can perform in. Know your employees schedules? Spend 3 minutes on the Handlr dashboard and set up their availability for the next week, month or year - It’s that simple. Maybe you’ve already created your availability but need to add to or change it - a few clicks and you’re good to go. Once you have availability set up, add customers to appointments yourself, or let clients drop themselves right into your schedule using the customer app. The Handlr system knows your staff availability and will automatically calculate the best team member to book for each job. If your customer doesn’t see a time that works for them, they can easily request unavailable times for your approval. Handlr will send you notifications with the requested details and let you choose to approve or deny the request with one click. Automate your daily operations and let your clients book themselves or take more control and let customers request the times they want. Handlr gives you the power to automate your business while always being in the know.


    The true value of Handlr comes from the tools we give your customers. In this age of on-demand, instant consumer gratification, customers expect a business to provide quick and easy ways to book, buy and pay. Apps like Uber have given consumers a taste of how modern tech can improve the way we purchase every-day services. Now with Handlr, you can give your clients that same great technology, without having to build it yourself. The freedom to book at their convenience, request specific dates, pay automatically and review each service gives clients everything they want at the tip of their fingers. Not into letting customers book on-demand? No problem, you can easily set up Handlr to only take requested appointments. Accept or deny these requests at your convenience and stop spending your days frantically updating your schedule. Give your customers the freedom they want without giving up control of your business.

Saving For A Rainy Day

If you live in California, you may have noticed the sudden, relentless downpour of much needed rain the last few days. This very welcome relief to one of our driest winters yet got us thinking. How prepared are we for a truly "rainy" day? 

Let's explore how a rainy day fund can help your business:

A rainy day fund is not a luxury, but a necessity in today’s competitive business environment. Most people view this extra pile of money sitting idle as simply an optional advantage. Most businesses, especially small business, never accumulate a rainy day fund. Either because they are struggling to just break-even or the money is used immediately to grow the business. These funds are often only created when a small business experiences a sudden budget surplus.

A surplus of capital is can be needed for many reasons. Unfortunately, you never realize it before it is already too late. Perhaps you’re hit with a large tax penalty or a massive insurance payment. A timely infusion of cash could limit the damage and stop the ugly process of accruing interest, payment plans, and collection agencies. However, it’s also a mistake to think the rainy day fund has to be for something “negative.” This cash could also be used to make the most of some great opportunities. Let’s say you see an incredible deal on a key piece of equipment, or a new vehicle for the fleet. Maybe the opportunity to expand your staff and hire a part-time employee during the busy season takes priority. In these cases you’ll surely be glad you have the extra cash to quickly make these decisions.

Struggling to make-ends meet but want to start a rainy day fund? It can be difficult to make this happen when your business runs month-to-month, but you can make changes to start the process: First and foremost, take a look at your monthly spending. What's a "need" and what's a "want"? Split them in to two lists and you'll undoubtedly have a few "wants" you can get rid of. Now, do it again, but this time think of some rainy-day scenarios. Maybe an employee has an accident at work and a lawsuit is formed. A few long-time customers suddenly move on - leaving your revenue a bit dry. Maybe a storm floods your office and insurance can't cover it all... Now lay these scenarios on top of your spending list and see what else you can drop. Chances are more than a few items are worth giving up to negate the risks of a really bad "rainy day".

If you have reached the point in your business where you are generating positive cash flow and easily paying your bills, it’s time to start preparing for a rainy day. It doesn’t have to be huge, just make sure it is appropriately sized to handle the unexpected events your business could realistically expect. Start putting in some money when you can, or better yet, create an automatic transfer to the fund. Before long, you’ll be better prepared for the unexpected.

6 Fun Ways to Network with Other Local Businesses in the New Year!

At Handlr, we’re all about bringing the small business community together. Nothing strengthens a business like connecting and growing with other entrepreneurs. The Handlr marketplace allows you to share customers with other professional service businesses in your neighborhood creating the perfect opportunity to grow and spread the word. Why not help the process by getting to know your fellow businessmen and women? Below you’ll find some great tips for breaking the ice and connecting with those that can help you succeed.

Just call ‘em up!

There’s nothing wrong with calling up a business owner and asking them to join you for a cup of coffee or lunch. Offer to take them out and explain that you want to get to know the business owners in your area. Tell them you want to pick their brain about local marketing and outreach strategies. Ask them if they’d like to know anything about how you operate your business. Now obviously a direct competitor to your business may not feel like meeting with you, but entrepreneurs with compatible businesses stand to gain a lot from being friendly. Own a dog walking business? Call up your local groomer and offer to brainstorm with them. Do you clean houses for a living? Partner with the local pool cleaner to share customers. It really is that simple!

Start a community dinner.

A more approachable and formal way of meeting neighborhood biz owners is to start a monthly dinner. Setting this up is easy with a Facebook account or even a text thread. Reserve a table at a favorite bar/ restaurant on the same day each month and invite local owners via a Facebook page or chain text. If you need an extra push to get the traffic flowing you can offer to buy appetizers or the first round of drinks. Do this and we guarantee you’ll get at least a few guests to join you. If you don’t mind some potential randoms, tell guests they can bring a friend, or better yet, another business owner!

Invite them to a conference

Conferences and seminars can be an incredible way to bring new tools, tips and tricks to your own business, but no one likes going to them alone! If you need an excuse to talk to a fellow business owner, inviting them to accompany you to a conference is a great strategy. Not only will you both learn new strategies to bring back to your own business, but you can discuss what your learning on the fly with an alternative point of view! Comparing notes after each speaker or mingling as a group can make these event much more exciting.

Drop off a gift!

This one’s a no-brainer and especially good if a new business pops up in your neighborhood. Bringing by a pie or bouquet of flowers will not only make you a friend, but open the door to communication. Friendly gestures say a lot about not just who you are, but how you run a business. Bring a catered lunch for the new staff and that company is likely to suggest you to their own customers.

Add a “resources” page to your website!

This is the best possible excuse to get friendly with your business neighbors. Add a resources list to your website where you suggest compatible businesses to your customers. Add their website and phone number and then call the business to ask for permission to add their info. They’ll be so flattered that you’re recommending their business!

Invite them to Handlr!

This is an easy one to do as a way to establish connection or even after you’ve already done so. Tell your local entrepreneurs that you can share customers with them using the Handlr marketplace and it’ll be a win-win for you both!

Give Yourself and Your Clients the Gift of Easy Booking this Holiday Season

 This holiday season, give yourself and your customers the gift you all truly want - more time. This is the busiest time of year and no one has enough time in the day. Consumers value their time over anything else and gravitate towards businesses that can save them some of that precious resource. It’s the reason delivery services, air travel and just about everything else was invented. To save people time. Handlr allows you to do just that; our easy booking process means customers can book your services in seconds, while our management tools let you focus on the tasks that matter most.



Let’s say your customers contact you directly to book an appointment with your business. Well, that gets pretty hard to manage when your business is expanding, and before the day is over you have hundreds of booking requests in your inbox, texts, voicemails and other channels of communications. By becoming a Handlr Partner, your customers can book you through our Handlr App with ease. They can book a single, last-minute service, or plan out the rest of the year with recurring booking options. All while you manage appointments, team members reports and more right from your own easy-to-use dashboard. Clients can instantly chat within the app with you, and the assigned employee, receive real-time updates and review the service when completed. The team member can send photos and updates about the service to your customer in real-time. And the customer can trust your business that the job is getting done with Handlr’s GPS tracking, they don’t even need to be home! It’s common knowledge that through the course of today, the average consumer will check emails, browse the web, do some holiday shopping, & much more before they head to bed - all from their smartphones. Take advantage of this and give customers one more easy, mobile option to save them time this season. To become a Handlr Partner email us at hello@myhandlr.com or request a demo at your convenience here!


Top Ways to Thank Your Employees During the Holidays

The holiday season can be the most stressful time of year for everyone involved in your business. With the constant end-of-year hustle and bustle that most businesses experience, it’s important to keep your employees in mind. Your team is responsible for keeping customers happy and to ensure they stay with you in the next year. These are the people that can make 2018 your best year yet, so be sure to keep them happy too. Below you’ll find our top tips for showing employees appreciation during the holidays.

Take them out for a nice meal

Whether a company-wide "Worksgiving," or a one-on-one lunch, just getting away from the craziness to enjoy a meal and some work-free conversation is a solid expression of gratitude.

Give them some time off

We know Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks are typically the busiest times of year for small businesses, meaning you’ll need your employees more than ever. While employees are usually both expecting and appreciative of more hours during this season, they can also benefit from the occasional day off. Remember that while business is booming, this is also a time for family. Cut your team a break now and then to go spend quality time with loved ones and they’ll repay you ten times with hard work.

Holiday Happy Hour

Close up early on a Friday and take the team across the street for some cocktails and laughs. Team bonding comes in many forms and Eggnog is one of them. Better yet, decorate the office and surprise them with an early work party!

Host a Fancy Party

Does a party in the office sound too drabb? Think your employees will find the thought of partying in the same place they work all day the kind of idea the Grinch would suggest? Take it elsewhere! Rent a private room at a local restaurant and throw a Real party! An upscale event where employees can bring a guest will make them feel like you truly care about your work family. Throw a party they’ll brag about for months and you’re sure to start off the new year strong.

A Personal Note

If you're going to do holiday cards, then do holiday cards. Don't just do the blanket "thanks for all you do" statement; personalize the message to each employee so it's clear leadership values each individual's contributions. Classic, simple and effective.

Pot Luck or Baking Contest

Either as a complement to a lunch/Happy Hour or as a stand-alone event, invite employees to bring in their best homemade holiday dishes for the chance to win a prize, like a gift card or an extra day off. Make it a blind tasting and give employees tickets to vote anonymously to keep things fair. Tables filled with treats plus a little friendly competition and you've got a low-cost event sure to please your employees.

Charity Work

Work with your employees to come up with a list of charitable organizations to support, and then make time to support them ... during work hours. Bake sales, fun runs and more can get your team feeling good and giving back.

Holiday Bonuses

Does this really need an explanation? But on a serious note - this is the time of year when people start to think about their career paths, and where they might have other options. End-of-year bonuses and raises are one of the few ways to show employees that you’re serious about their contribution to your business.

7 Awesome Podcasts for Business Owners On the Go

Here at Handlr we LOVE podcasts. They are such a great way to ease that morning commute, distract yourself at the gym or learn something new. podcasts can be an invaluable resource when operating your own business. There are so many entrepreneurs sharing inspiring stories of success and failure for you to learn from. From broad stories of entrepreneurial journeys to specific subjects that will answer your most narrow questions; you’ll constantly be surprised with what you learn listening to podcasts. If you haven't joined the podcast train yet, we’ve taken the time to put together a list of our favorites to get you started!

How I Built This

This is a great starting point for any small business owner. Produced by NPR, How I built this has an exceptional quality in terms of guest lineup, production and entertainment . An all around great podcast with something for everyone - especially entrepreneurs.


Masters of Scale

Reid Hoffman, the billionaire co-founder of Linked-in hosts the show with a compelling passion for business. Each episode will leave you with great resources that give real ideas and strategies that can be applied to your small business. While his guests are always fascinating, it’s Reid himself that really makes the show worthwhile. Though his guests are usually successful entrepreneurs themselves, you really get the sense that even they are learning from what Reid has to say, often taking notes or probing Reid for ideas and tips to further their ideas. These are top-tier entrepreneurs providing invaluable lessons.



The Tim Ferriss Show

Ever heard of The 4 Hour Work Week? Author Tim Ferriss now spends those 4 hours (and a few more, we suspect) hosting a Podcast. This one is a little more chaotic with much less structure than other Podcasts. Tim likes to talk about what he’s interested in so you may get a business episode or an episode about fitness or food. While this sounds like less of a learning opportunity, trust us that Ferriss brings his business expertise to just about everything he talks about. The diversity can also add some relief to typical all-business style shows bringing a higher entertainment value than some of the others. Be prepared for a bit of chaos as episode length can range from 10 minutes to 2+ hours.



Entrepreneur on Fire

EoFire is one of our absolute favorite podcasts here at Handlr. In fact, our very own founder, Britt Alwerud was a guest on the show. Check it out here! Each episode details the journey of a successful entrepreneur and the trials they faced to get there. This show is all about real, actionable advice that you can bring to your business. Tim asks each guest about their “Ah-ha” moment and how their lives changed from that point on. You’ll come away relieved that others have faced the same struggles and motivated to get past them.




Andrew Warner takes the usual business podcast and turns it into something more chronical. These episodes involve a lot of story telling from founders who want to get their message out. While details and actual steps taken are less of a focus, It can be incredible to hear the story of how the worlds top businesses came to be.


GirlBoss Radio

Sofia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal brings a voice to the most powerful and successful women of modern day. On each episode of the Girlboss Radio, Sophia interviews boundary-pushing women who've made their mark on the world of business. These are some of the most honest podcast episodes you’ll come across where many of the guests don’t mind spilling the whole truth. It also makes for one of the more humorous shows on the web. There’s even a Netflix series about Amoruso’s life!



Handling Business Podcast

Now this one is our favorite! Though we might be a bit biased. Handling Business is our own podcast where we interview you, our Handlr business partners about your own journeys on this ride we call entrepreneur-ism. We’ve had some really great guests on the show with some really special stories to learn from. We highly recommend it!


Want to be a guest on our show? Email us at hello@myhandlr.com !

Your November tips for landing in 2018 the right way


Keep costs low.

Holiday season spending is the easiest thing to do, both in our personal lives and in business. The sales, deals and opportunities, presented to us this time of year can be overwhelming and often impossible to pass up. That being said, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the spending spirit and land in 2018 with a low budget.

Stay in the minds of your customers

 Make sure you put in the effort to stay connected to your clients during this busy time and keep your business on their minds through the holidays. One of the best ways to do this is by sending out Holiday “thank you” cards to show your clients just how much your appreciate their business. If you can afford to do so; adding a gift certificate or coupon for the new year will give them a reason to come back as soon as the new year has started.

Create holiday or New Years specific services that will “last for a limited time”. Don’t worry about seeming too pushy, just remember that you’re offering services to your clients that can help save valuable time during the busy season. Remind customers of other services you offer in case they forgot. these are the times when people are most busy and in need of all the help they can get.


Think about how much time you spend managing your scheduling, your clients and your team. Chances are, instead of spending your days growing your business, marketing and bringing in new clients, you’re trapped at a desk and on the phone while you constantly play catch-up. Take a moment to review just how much time you could save if all of these processes were automated. From accounts payables to billing to team management, your days can be better spent. to customer data entry, look for ways to save time by streamlining tasks.

Handlr can help you with all of this. By automating your scheduling, managing your team and providing customers with a streamlined booking experience with GPS tracking, notifications, and automated payments. You can setup your full 2018 schedule today!

Plan the next year.

Learn from the mistakes you made this year. What were your biggest problems? What drove away customers? What took up valuable time that could have gone elsewhere? Follow up with the things that worked; a great marketing campaign, a special deal that brought in clients, etc. Use these to plan ahead and get yourself ahead of the curve.

Handlr can help get you there, as you’ll spend less time in a frantic struggle with your daily operations and more time focusing on the big picture.

Is your website working for you?

At Handlr we pride ourselves in offering the best scheduling, fleet tracking and management software on the market. While these tools will help to grow and automate your business, a great website and a strong online presence are crucial for true success. Our partners at Like Honey Marketing are here to help you develop that imperative side of your small business. Check out what they have to offer below!


like_honey_newsletter_header (1).png

Whether you’re running a brick and mortar shop, on-demand service, or e-commerce platform, these days, an online presence is crucial for any business. Not to de-bunk one of your childhood theorems, but people really do judge books by their covers, and in your case, your cover is your website! With recent studies revealing a whopping 97% of consumers searching for local business’ and services online, your website's role in the overall success of your venture should be your priority. 


Creating a digital footprint for your business in the current competitive space isn't an opt-in option anymore. Google recently reported that 58% of all Google search queries are done on a mobile device with a whopping 65% of shoppers making purchases with their phones. The fact is, if you aren’t optimized for mobile you’re ultimately losing sales. Research shows that 57 percent of mobile users will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load! 

Check Out Our Tips For Small Business' Website Success

Hey, Thanks For The Info. Now What? 

Knowing and understanding the value of having current and effective elements will keep your small business website ahead of the rest. We’d love to take a look at what you're working with! Schedule a free consultation with us HERE to see how we can help you with your ongoing small business website improvement.

Back to School, Back to Business

Summer is winding down and for kids everywhere that means back to work. For the rest of us, that means time to work even harder than we have been all summer. If you’ve taken some time off under the sun it can be hard to get back to the grind. But don’t let this time slip by! The back to school season can be one of the most lucrative times in business. Between getting kids ready for school and preparing for a winter full of holidays and get-togethers, parents and consumers are extremely busy. This is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on this hectic season.

Offering services that save time can seem like a godsend to consumers right now. Take advantage of this, by marketing your services as much as possible to moms and dads on-the-go. Remember, your dog walking or landscaping business is saving them valuable time. Your massage business is helping them relax after stressful days, and your house cleaning business is doing the work they simply don’t have time for. Remind your customers as well as potential clients of these facts. Partner with a local school to promote business, sponsor an after-school event or group, even putting flyers up on the local bulletin board with a "Back to school" special can have huge impact. Focus your Fall marketing on this strategy and prepare to reap the rewards.  This is also the start of a new "spending season" where consumers are placed in a mindset to buy. Fall is a busy time for working families as they prepare for upcoming holidays amidst the bustle of school and work. Take advantage of this by targeting customer pain-points. What can help ease their work load? What will relieve some stress as we approach these busy holidays? Remember that time is the best commodity you can sell. Customers are very wiling to pay for more time in their day. 

Handlr is here to help you take full advantage of the back-to-school potential. Our incredibly easy to use scheduling, team and customer management system is the ideal way to automate your business so you can focus on bringing your service to new, busy customers. Contact us today about getting your business ready for this opportune time of year.

Handling Your Law Questions with Alex Stathopoulos

This week the Handling Business Podcast welcomes Alex Stathopoulos! Alex is an employment litigation attorney at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, and works out of the firm’s San Francisco office.  In that role, she regularly counsels clients and litigates employment-related claims before various administrative agencies and in state and federal court, including discrimination, retaliation, and harassment claims, as well as wage-and-hour class actions. Alex is a double golden bear--she graduated from UC Berkeley School of Law, and also earned a B.A. in Philosophy and B.S. in Business Administration from UC Berkeley.  In between undergraduate and law school, Alex was a workforce communication consultant for two years, focusing on drafting strategic employee communications.  In addition to her professional pursuits, Alex also has a wide array of side-projects--she is a painter, has dabbled with running her own Etsy store,  knits, cooks, and hopes to someday get into falconry.

We capture an extensive and in-depth interview as we ask Alex all the questions a small business owner could ask. We’ll cover hiring and termination laws, tips for successful background checks, what you can and cannot ask during interviews, the importance of a clear company policy and much, much more! Alex also provides some invaluable resources to help you stay on top of local and federal laws when it comes to your small business. This is one of our most informative episodes yet so be sure not to miss it!




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Building a business with your best friend

We have a fun Handling Business episode in store for you today as we sit down with the co-owners of a very successful pet care business in Northern Virginia called All Friends Pet Care. Pam Ahart and Beth Greenburg are not only business partners, but also best friends. They’ve known each other since 1973 and their childhood was full of pets. It was only natural that they one day decided to turn their passion and dedication toward their animal friends into a business where your best friend is their best customer. We’re going to dive into the early days of starting their business, the secret behind having a successful co-founder relationship, the benefits of getting involved in professional communities and neighborhood events, and the trials and tribulations that they’ve faced as business owners over the years. Tune in now!



All Friends Pet Care - allfriendspetcare.com




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Just do it... how to get scaling, hiring and profiting right away with Gila Kurtz

This week the Handling Business podcast welcomes the amazing Gila Kurtz. A serial entrepreneur who found her passion in helping dogs and their owners, Gila has led an incredible life of ambition and dedication to her businesses. In addition to building a successful dog training business wherever the Navy moved her,  she co-founded and co-owns  Dog is Good, an award-winning lifestyle brand for dog lovers. She has also authored Fur Covered Wisdom… A Dog Can Change the Way You See the World, a #1 international bestseller in Pet and Self-Help Categories. These days Gila continues to grow her love for business and pets as her company generates an impressive 7 figures a year.

Britt and Gila spend this episode sharing stories of their startup struggles overcome by their passion for dogs, people and entrepreneurship. You’ll discover how Gila was able to create successful brands in a two year time-frame while she moved around for the Navy. You’ll also come away from this podcast with an understanding of the importance of revenue, consistency, and getting your hands dirty with the nitty-gritty of your business. This is a powerful episode chalked full of great tips and tricks from one of the most successful women in the pet industry. Listen now!



Dog Is Good  - dogisgood.com

Fur Covered Wisdom - Amazon




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Consistency is key - an interview with Bella Vasta

Ask Bella Vasta, successful entrepreneur turned business coach, what the most important key to success is and she’ll come back with one word; consistency. Of all the incredible tips, tricks and advice she offers her clients, consistency might be her favorite, and Bella should know. She built a pet sitting business with a client on almost every street of Scottsdale, AZ and sold it for six figures before the age of 34. Her recognition as owner of one of the top pet sitting businesses in the states gave her the foundation she needed to start coaching other business owners in 2007. What does she attribute to the huge success and national attention that boosted her career and landed her where she is today? You guessed it; consistency.

We talk a lot about consistency in this episode, but Bella also doles out other incredible advice for any small business owner. She’ll take us on her journey from live-at-home student to full time pet sitter and finally entrepreneur turned business coach. She breaks down everything she learned along the way and gives us some of the biggest tips she wishes she knew in the beginning. You’ll learn Bella’s easy to use Blog content technique, where to get free employee handbooks, her favorite books, resources and much, much more. You really don’t want to miss this one!



Jump Consulting  - http://jumpconsulting.net/

Bella In Your Business - Podcast

Bella's Employee Handbooks - http://jumpconsulting.net/tag/employee-handbook/

The Sales Lion - https://www.thesaleslion.com/

Meet Edgar - https://meetedgar.com/

No BS Marketing to the Affluent https://www.amazon.com/No-B-S-Marketing-Affluent-Prisoners/dp/1599181819


Email - bella@jumpconsulting.net

Instagram - Bella Vasta

Twitter - @bellas_pets  





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An interview with our Founder!

This week we turn our Podcast on its head! You may remember episode 5 when we interviewed the amazing Kathryn Cockrell. After that interview, Kathryn stayed on the phone with our founder Brittany to dive even deeper into the conversation. Kathryn was so impressed with Britt’s story that she asked if she could play host on this week's episode and interview Britt! We loved the idea here at Handlr and quickly set up a date.  

Kathryn does an incredible job hosting Handling Business as she asks Britt to tell her story from the beginning. What drove Brittany to develop Handlr? Where did she start her career and how did she discover the small business void that Handlr helps to fill? From her humble beginning walking dogs and tutoring students to her entrepreneurial journey with every win and loss in between, Britt tells all.

Have you had questions about Handlr? We promise they will all be answered in this podcast. You’ll learn how our software was designed to save you thousands of hours, grow exponentially and allow you time to work on your business, not for it. Check it out below!



Schedule a Handlr Demo - https://calendly.com/myhandlr/demo/06-20-2017?back=1

Dogzenergy - http://dogzenergy.com/



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The Fear of Failure vs The Fear of Success

Have you ever paused along your journey as an entrepreneur and thought, “This would be so much easier if I had someone to guide me?" You’re not alone, every business owner wishes for a mentor to help make those tough decisions or point them in the right direction. Erica Gomez is that person. Erica is a business coach who has helped countless small business owners get past their fears and realize their true potential. Since 2011, Erica has been helping entrepreneurs find their way while simultaneously running her own pet sitting business, hosting productivity workshops, and caring for her family.  

This week Erica brings her experience to our show and talks about the many things she’s learned over the years while operating Whoa Doggy! and For The Love of Business. Our favorite talking point of the show? The fear of success. While we all know that fear of failure is a very real and terrifying constant in any business owner's life, we may not realize that fear of success can be just as constricting. The fear of success and ultimately, the fear of change, can hinder foresight and make us weak.  

We ask Erica about other common limitations in an entrepreneur's life, as well as the steps she recommends to move past them. She shares some of her top tips, usually reserved for her clients, just for our Handling Business listeners. Don’t miss out on this incredible Podcast!



For The Love of Business - fortheloveofbusiness.com



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5 simple things you might not be doing to optimize your business website

 When was the last time you took a good look at your website? Take a moment and pretend you are a potential new customer. Put yourself in that person's shoes and try to see what they see. If you're not the shy type, you can also offer to buy a stranger at a coffee shop a cup of coffee in exchange for them sitting down with you to give an honest review of your website. You might be really surprised to hear what they have to say and it could make a huge impact on your business. Here at Handlr, we LOVE putting our website and apps in front of new people for user testing. Honest feedback is so valuable and it allows us to work towards building a product that people dream about.

Chances are you built a website around the value your business can bring to the community - listing services that you offer, prices and team members you have. All important parts of a solid business web page, but you’ve probably overlooked some of the most crucial components of your site. Many of these are so easy to do, you’ll be kicking yourself.

  1.  One of the most common mistakes small business owners make is not listing city, state and zip codes that they service. This can be frustrating for new potential customers and frustrating for Google who is trying to display the best information to their customers who are searching for you. Listing zip codes serviced is vital to creating good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and it sometimes gets overlooked.
  2. Is your phone number prominently displayed and easy to find throughout your website? Is it clickable for mobile viewers to give you a call with just a tap? You got the potential new client to your site, but is your Call-To-Action button clear and visible. If you want more new customer calls, make sure your phone number is easy to find and tappable.
  3. This brings us to another point; is your website mobile friendly? The majority of people browsing the web these days do so from their smartphones. Recent studies suggest that 70% of web traffic is from mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile optimized website, you’re far behind the times.
  4. Is your client list growing? Capturing emails and funneling them to Mail Chimp or other newsletter platforms is the easiest way to reach more customers. The easiest way to start capturing emails is by creating a contact form on your site and syncing it with MailChimp or another newsletter service. Another way you can capture emails is by giving new visitors a valuable piece of info in the form of an E-book or white page info guide. In order to receive the guide, they exchange their email. For example, if you own a pet business you could create a "Summer Guide for Battling Fleas" or if you own a car detailing business "10 Potential Hazards that Can Cause Damage to Your Paint Job". The key is to make sure that your emails are valuable and not wasting anyone's time.
  5. Once you’ve captured their emails, you’ll need to send them something of value. If you haven't started one yet, try starting a simple blog with valuable tips to keep clients engaged and incentivized to share your helpful information with their friends. Driving more traffic to your website, lets Google know that your information is relevant and that people are finding value in your site.

  For this week's podcast we interviewed Josh Cary of PetsittingOlogy, pet industry expert and website guru, who walked us through all of the tips above. Josh shared with us his process for growing a business and how he helps clients optimize their websites every day. He also provided us with his biggest tips for standing out in a crowded market and how to one-up your competition with simple, smart steps.


Josh Cary / Petsittingology - https://petsittingology.com/



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Worried about your future? Creative financial planning advice for entrepreneurs with Doug Warren

This week on the Handling Business Podcast we sit down with a true expert in his field, Doug Warren. Doug has been a financial advisor for the last 44 years and has a massive following to prove it. Though he still works with clients one-on-one, Doug has thousands of followers that read his books, attend his training seminars and cling to his every word of advice.

At just 19, he began working as a financial advisor under his father. Years later, Doug has created a name for himself as one of the most trusted advisors in America, hosting seminars at top financial groups around the country, starring in PBS specials about financial planning and even being quoted alongside Warren Buffet and Jack Bogle in Tony Robins best-selling book Money, Master the Game.

Many of our listeners are so wrapped up in their businesses that it can be difficult to even think about retiring, but the importance of having a solid plan in place should not be taken lightly. That’s why we wanted to bring you this very special episode; Doug lends us unbiased advice as we discuss how entrepreneurs should think about retirement planning and what you can do differently to have more confidence in your post-career life. We’ll discuss the different types of retirement accounts, why you shouldn’t consider these “investments” as well as the importance of considering taxes both presently and in the future when selecting your route of retirement. We ask Doug about compound interest, the ideal plan for business owners and why having access to your retirement money as an entrepreneur is so vital.

Most importantly we talk about how it's so important to be building a business that you can sell or a business that you can keep as passive income so that you can retire with a comfortable salary. Invest in yourself, your business and your future. Listen now and start your path to retirement!



Doug Warren - http://www.inflationcheck.com/





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How to build a business that gives you the freedom to travel with Kathryn Cockrell

In this week's episode of the Handling Business Podcast, the fearless Kathryn Cockrell of Happy Hound sits down to tell us that it is possible to own a business, but still hit the road and travel. Kathryn launched her business as a 15 year old after deciding that she wanted to work for herself. At 21 years old, after working 24/7 for many years, Kathryn decided to take the leap and hire a manager so that she could take off on a six week backpacking trip through Europe. She's also volunteered in South America at a foster program and she has grand plans of more travels. Kathryn's new big plan is renovating a vintage Airstream trailer to be her mobile office/ home so that she can travel all throughout the U.S. Kathryn guides us through the process of creating a company that can both help others and provide her with income while she travels the world.

In this episode you’ll learn why a healthy business is one that can thrive on its own as well as tips for moving your business towards self sustainability. What’s the key to creating a brand that can survive on its own? Hiring the right management. Kathryn dives into how she avoids mistakes when selecting people to run her business while she travels and why those hires should not always be the kind of people you might think.

Kathryn outlines how she plans to maintain her level of involvement with Happy Hound while traveling the country in a customized Airstream. Her confidence in her business will inspire you to get out there and grow your company while this episode of Handling Business will help get you there!


Happy Hound Pet Sitting Co - http://happy-hound-pet-sitting-co.com/

Kathryn Cockrell - https://kathryncockrell.com/





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