Fleet Tracking



"I don't know where my contractors are throughout the day and I just need an easier solution to dispatch my staff."

GPS Tracking Handlr

Handlr's status tracking allows both customers and team members to receive check-in and check-out notifications. Handlr also has live GPS tracking for all team members. Sit back and enjoy your peace of mind.

Automated Scheduling & Dispatching



"I spend too much time creating and updating schedules. I also need a simpler way for my staff members to see their upcoming appointments."

Automated Scheduling

Consider your schedules done! Input team member availabilities and let your customers choose what time works for them. Log in to see the entire day, week, month, or agenda in one view, and easily update or edit schedules to maximize your business' labor dollars.

Instant Chat



"I'm playing phone tag all day and I'm getting cut out of the communication between my staff and clients."

Customer Relationship Management

Improve communication and easily start a conversation with your staff member or customer from your phone or dashboard. With Handlr's instant chat, you can share photos and send messages, without sharing any personal phone numbers.

Instant Payments



"I'm constantly chasing people down to pay their invoices and I spend too many hours dealing with paperwork and invoices."

Instant Payment

Avoid the awkward conversation. Handlr allows business owners to get paid instantly upon a staff member's check out of a service. Control payments from the dashboard and have no fears – our payment partner stores your customer's information securely.

Staff Performance & Ratings



"I don't know if my customers are truly happy with my team members and it's hard to measure staff performances when they are out in the field."

Staff Performance and Ratings

Customers can leave ratings and reviews for every service completed. We're all about transparency – both you and your customers can quickly see overall ratings for each team member.




"I don't have an easy way to see how much my business makes on a regular basis, or identify areas of opportunity."

Business Management Dashboard

See reports on how much your business is making. Track your growth, see percentage of new customers, and easily analyze your business' profitability.

Marketing Opportunities



"I'm tired of spending so much money on online advertising, especially when it seems like most of my business comes from word-of-mouth."

Automated Marketing

Save your advertising dollars, we automate word-of-mouth! Post your business' services and specials on your favorite social platforms to generate buzz. On the Handlr Customer App, potential new customers can see which one of their friends already likes your business and can read reviews from their neighbors.