Introducing Handlr:

The all-in-one mobile business management platform specifically designed for on-the-go, mobile detailing professionals to scale their businesses.

Mobile Business Management Dashboard

Handlr streamlines business operations and gives you the confidence to expand. Stay connected to your team members while they’re out handling appointments, and make it easy for your existing and new clients to book and pay for detailing services on demand.

By becoming a Handlr Partner, you'll not only gain access to our on-demand mobile technology, but also be a member of our network of high-end, local services and their customers. This way, Handlr not only organizes your business, but also automates word-of-mouth allowing customers to  instantly drop themselves into your schedule.


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Automated Scheduling

Manage your business' operations on the go with our team member and customer mobile app. Learn More

Handlr is a SaaS solution meets mobile marketplace.


It's something we like to call a SaaMm™. Our core offerings cover the most important aspects of managing a business:

Scheduling Management
Employee Tracking
Customer Relationship Management
Automatic Payment Processing
Business Reviews Ratings
Mobile Business Marketing


Who uses Handlr for Business?

Handlr is ideal for businesses that provide house-call services such as automobile detailers. We create an entire marketplace for your clients so they can handle their busy lives on our app. Here are some other business categories your customers will be able to book and you can cross-promote with:

Mobile Business Fitness


Mobile Business Home Services


Mobile Business Beauty


Mobile Business Events


Mobile Business Tutoring


Mobile Business Pet Care



Why Handlr?


We make it easier than ever for mobile detailing businesses to handle their daily operations. And the bigger picture? Handlr gives your clients a personal concierge app to get their busy lives handled. 

We'll let our current Handlr Partners tell you why they love Handlr for Business:

Every morning, I’m excited to see all the new customers that have dropped themselves into my schedule.
— Karen A., DogZenergy
My employees can instantly check their schedules on their phones and get immediate notifications of updates.
— Sven Anders, La Jolla Pool Services
It’s great exposure for my business and customers can see their friends who already train with me.
— Bram W., Make Your Body Better

We've got your back.

We know managing your business is no easy task. That's why we offer:


24/7 Support

 Dedicated Onboarding Specialists

Dedicated Onboarding Specialist

       No Monthly           Subscriptions

No Monthly Subscriptions

     No Contracts

No Contracts


So how do you get started?

Get started with Handlr and be on-demand in as little as an hour with no commitment upfront.

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