Features that wow clients and save you time



Automated Scheduling and requests

Never waste time scheduling again. Set-it and forget-it availability allows you and your staff to create open spots for clients to book. Clients drop themselves right into your schedule. The Handlr system knows your staff availability and will automatically calculate the best team member to book for each job. Customers can also request unavailable times for your approval. Automate your daily operations and let your clients book themselves or take more control and let customers request the times they want. Handlr gives you the power.


✓ Set-it and forget-it availability

✓ Recurring appointments

✓ Group appointments

✓ Overnight appointments

✓ Customers can request appointment times they don’t see

✓ Filter by day, week, month or date range

✓ Check-in/out notifications

✓ Check-in/ out and chat right from the dashboard

✓ Edit in real time


Instant payments

Our automated payments system means you'll get paid on-time, every time. Choose to pre-charge customers up front for services or get paid immediately after check-out. Weekly batch processing and detailed customer logs make keeping track easy. Send refunds in an instant and be notified when a customer card fails.

✓ Instant, automated payments

✓ Store customer credit cards, even if they don’t use the app

✓ Weekly batch processing

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GPS Tracking & notifications

Customers will be notified once an appointment has been booked, changed or cancelled. They'll receive alerts when your staff has checked in for the appointment and can GPS track them as the job is performed. Clients feel in control and confident even when they're away from home.

✓ Allow customers to GPS track the team member performing the service

✓ Team members get GPS directions to customer homes

✓ Track your team to make sure they are being efficient


Ratings & Reviews

Inaccurate ratings can ruin a good business. With Handlr, clients are asked to leave an honest rating after each and every appointment. This insures an accurate, balanced system of reviews and ratings and means customers wont just leave reviews after bad experiences, but good ones as well. 

✓ Review prompt after every service creates accurate ratings

✓ Get instant feedback about your team members and services

✓ Track reviews to keep an eye on long term team member performance

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Share customers with the Handlr Marketplace

Our unique customer marketplace allows you to share customers with other service businesses in your area. Know someone with a great mobile or service based business? Invite them to Handlr and their customers will have instant access to your business profile, reviews and services. Watch as new customers drop themselves into right into your schedule.

✓ Invite fellow business owners to instantly share customers

✓ Cross promote with neighborhood service providers

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Customer and team apps

Give your customers the power they want with the Handlr app - the ability to book an appointment with just a few taps. Automated payments, access to your availability, request un-open times, GPS tracking, 3-way chat, instant updates, photos and much more. Give them the same technology as the big guys, without the cost of building it yourself.

The Handlr Team app lets team members know exactly where they're supposed to be throughout the day. With instant updates, notifications, GPS directions, chat and check-in/out. 

✓ Make customers feel powerful

✓ Let customers drop themselves into your schedule

✓ 3-way chat with you, your team member and the client

✓ Instant updates/ notifications for customers and team members


Detailed reports

Detailed, customized reports show you exactly the data you're looking for. Filter by customers, services and team to see what brings in the most revenue, who's getting the most reviews and which clients are most consistent. Filter by date range, see this past week, or review the entire year. Then download it all as a PDF with just a few clicks and upload it to you tax or Payroll software. 

✓ Customize reports to fit your needs

✓ Filter by date range, customers, team members, services

✓ Track revenue, team performance and service efficiency

✓ Download as PDF and upload to your favorite software


Customizable services


Customize every detail of your available services to ensure your customers the experience they deserve. Choose service duration, price, padding time, cancellation and booking policy, staff needed, customer limit and more. Create Add-on services, overnights and group appointments to give clients any option you like. Handlr will take all of these parameters into account when managing your schedule. 

✓ Total control over your services

✓ Set price, duration, padding times, booking and cancellation policy, team       and customer limits       

✓ Create add-on services

✓ The Handlr system will work around these parameters when scheduling


Team and customer profiles

Detailed team and customer profiles give you and your staff the information they need whether in the field or at the office. Contact information, addresses, family and pet history as well as customizable notes for each mean no important detail will ever be missed or forgotten. 

✓ Access to all vital information

✓ Add custom notes for family members, pets and generall  

✓ GPS routing for your staff